Pacawoolly has focused on huacaya alpacas, breeding for low micron fleece in a range of colours from white through to black. We use our best fleeces, under 25 micron, with excellent comfort factor (CF), as yarn and for the hand knitted goods we sell.

Stud Males

We currently have four stud males, two white, one rose grey and one medium fawn. We did have Cedar House Altitude - jointly owned with two other studs - but unfortunately he died earlier this winter.

Micron levels of these males ranges from 21.5 to 23.5 and all have a CF of 89 and above.


We use our wethered males for fleece - in the range of 18 to 25 microns. These animals are mostly white. Other wethers live on the property though their fleeces are now too course to be milled as yarn. We find other uses for this such as cushions/animal beds or insulation for chicken sheds. Sometimes we add fleece to shipments going overseas to be used as fibre.
We also sell wethers as guard animals or as pets.


Our breeding females have produced a range of colours over recent years, and we are especially pleased to now have black, rose grey, grey and various fawn coloured animals.


In 2016 our 13, mostly white babies ranged from 14.3 microns to 24 microns. Only three had a comfort factor lower than 98%.
In 2017, this group (apart from one) held their micron and had comfort factors of 90% plus.
In 2018, we had two white cria, one dark grey, two dark brown and one light fawn. We decided on a small breeding program due to the drought.